Sunday, 17 September 2017

Funny Theory or Actual Disgrace?

When I was working in interpreting, I served several Brazilian citizens together with the department of immigration. One thing caught my attention: The high number of passports with numbers starting with FE, which means FAITH in Portuguese. I was told that those would belong to the crooks from Brazil who were coming to the Country at basically my enslaved expense. Faith must be associated with faith that it will work, a very common expression in Brazil: Tenho fe que isso vai funcionar (I have faith this will work, that is, I have faith the trick will produce the effect that I want. Christians usually respond that if it were something good, it would come without tricks and we would not need faith, just serious work or study). In fact, this expression must have originated in Rio, and is usually said by their crooks. Interesting enough is the fact that I am having extraordinary problems all the time since end of 2001 and God knows I had almost no doubts that all would have to be connected to Brazil, and probably Rio, since Rio and their crooks always were my only problem. I spoke to Tony Milone the first time and I already mentioned the two she later on would say were the cause for all, Rogerio de Oliveira and Lea Ricci Pinheiro. Both were born in Rio, Lea and Rogerio. Joao Carlos Ricci Terra, who I later on would tell Trevor was responsible for Rogerio attacking me in Australia since 2000, is also a person who was born in Rio. His mother would have asked him to hire a detective and they both would have made Rogerio attack me by showing pictures of me and Rian Aldridge on the grass in Sydney. We were cuddling and stuff like that, but Rogerio could think that I had nobody at that very moment, like I actually said nothing in those regards, and no expectations should have been created, but because we did exchange a couple of letters at that stage, he could think I was single. He would not attack if Joao Carlos and Agnella did not do that, that is the thing, or he would not attack so badly. Well, I suffer computer crime in Australia since at most 2001, so that things became really heavy by the time of my adored Maths. I met Rogerio during my undergraduate, when I was studying Mathematics, and I do think he only graduated in Mathematics, however in another university, since Gerson, our HOD, probably did not like him changing to the Engineering group to cheat, and that is definitely the reason he told me he had to do that instead of keeping on attending class with me as he had always done that far, because of me, so that some would say was for loving me. I wouldn't: He graduated in Mathematics because he is a parasite. He never had his own plans or objectives and could be a wonderful house husband were not his pride of South American Macho. Quite sincerely, the number of Brazilian men who could be wonderful house husbands but commit atrocity against women to have jobs and professions they never deserved is extraordinary. They have no talent, no skills, and absolutely no pertinence to any profession. All they could successfully do in life is what they claim is work for women: Sewing, cooking, dishes, etc. Each, and every, time Rogerio put his hands to do something at home, and that probably happened only twice at my place, I swear to God it all looked just the way it should. They are good for nothing else. And if they simply accepted the size and/or nature of their skills, not only they would be much happier, would never go close to trouble, but the world would be at peace. Unfortunately, instead, this is more than 16 years of the cruellest crimes ever practised against people being practised against me in First World Democracy. Anyway, today I was having problems with the computer again. Once more I could not use my search box from the MS command. I used a different exploratory tool and got the surprise: 

FE appears there again. I have just done a course on this sort of thing and IPs plus paths (the 10 something) are definitely provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). That made me think the federal government of Brazil is involved. Coincidentally, I am dealing with a local university in Australia and a guy who claims to belong to the Brazilian federal police is around here. People made me speak to him and I noticed he had tattoos. Not only his figure and accent point at no chance normally and naturally (weak, short, beard, moustache, Indian accent), but I don't think I have ever seen a figure like that associated with police in general, especially in Rio, one of the most violent places on earth. Tattoo is a symbol of crime everywhere on earth, and I think I never saw not even one cop in Brazil who had tattoo before this all started. I know all has changed and people are literally bugged in their heads with the CIA bug, what may change their will and decisions, but, even so...

Anyway, I now got the impression that I am in practically full slavery for 16 plus years because the government of Rio kept on sending their crooks. I am sure I saw Viviane, procurator from PGM/RJ, from when I worked there, in 2004 in Melbourne. She passed by car in front of me in 2004 in the CBD, actually in front of RMIT. I think I saw Renato Gaui Filho in 2002 in the same way (she was on Swanston, Renato in a 90-degree angle with Swanston, in front of an IT shop in 2002). I now think I am sure Rio sent crook after crook to lie to Australian authorities and one of the last ones was then Lek Thornison, who, on his turn, made me think that who had blocked his action was the female politician from Adelaide I contacted via e-mail and then Turnbull. No, I now think they are all contacted by crooks from Rio, one after the other. When FBI came for me in 2008, Brazilian people bullied me: That it was someone from Rio Branco (institute that graduates diplomats in Rio) who came all the way to stop action from FBI (who would then be saved me with Tom Cruise and the other Hollywoodians. Angelina Jolie came in person when I was in Adelaide and made sure I saw her. Ask Hamish... a couple of other actors also did). I now believe that is similar to what they actually did. Australia was told by me since 2001 that only the press could save me from Brazil, especially Rio. I begged them to publish all all the time. If they published even one paragraph in 2001 I would be saved. In 2001, anything that I said in the press, just making sure they were saying I was well heard in the place, would be enough. Since 2003, a third-party witness'  note, given the natures of the crimes. I now think the Marrickville politician, female, who McDermott looked for for help, under her work premises, was threatened by one of the crooks from Rio: If she did not do what they wanted, they would officially tag me schizoid (McDermott came back saying I had to change professions and soon before that Drumi Bainov died, and I was also told it was from being bugged with the CIA bug and because they planned, The Brazilians, that they would kill someone with 800 papers). I fear people in Australia do not have minimum discernment. Only the USA could realistically know that I was inside of their Country, Brazil should not be heard in any hypothesis, just the local law, and I should be saved from any violence, especially atrocity, still atrocity coming from overseas, at any expense. I wish I were in the USA in 2001, especially because after Obama gets to power, which was the most important stone in the attacks of Rio against the First World people, including me, we lose all. It was 10 years... Only God. Anyway, sure shot, Australia never tells me what they do, and when I get close to guessing it is already 16 plus years. Nothing could have destroyed human kind worse: Australia denies information that is basic to the individual and that makes them have no chance in life. Really unacceptable culture and way of proceeding. Stole my precious and perfect life from me and my mother. The life of several. All in the name of what? Not pissing off South America marginal? Not everyone in Brazil supported those. In fact, the majority didn't or we would not have those laws there. That is just a hello remark... What a joke. At least now we all know why I have special Internet for full 16 plus years. Once more, in 2002 I could not use MIRC. A Middle East name appeared as owner, a Lebanese surname, a male. I was kicked out from every room on first words... Jesus... Also Jesus: The mother wanted him to lose his life for her. Brazil, which was never my place, home or Country, wanted me to lose my life for the crooks from Rio: It did not matter where I went, who I proved to be, nothing... Only God...

Basically, they can only come around and say they are in charge since end of 2001. Respecting marginal and atrocity is something that is privilege only of Australia in that 2001: Respecting them instead of the victim of theirs. Had I been collected to the USA in time, what means at most after Asha and The Attack, I would have been saved. God may have blessed America that far, but really did not bless me enough to be saved in time by the only America that could be trusted, that before Rio, that is, before Obama. There is only God...

And, by the way, Australia also has their Rogerios. I definitely said already in 2001 to Trevor: Bradley would be a wonderful house husband. Whilst Bradley volunteered, and missed work at least once a week alleging headaches he never felt or felt for using drugs, what means voluntarily impairing himself, I always did my promised 40 weekly hours with all joy and production on earth. He would spend the entire day in bed according to his own words to me to make it all worse. When Cameron Plant had the keys for his apartment, they would be together doing nothing at home according to his words. And he did not have not even TV back then, in Collingwood. So, the same I said about Rogerio applies to Bradley: They ruin my life and even organism, spend 16 years plus committing every sort of atrocity against the woman they both claimed to love as the love of their lives (Rogerio proposed a few times, Bradley proposed in Hollywoodian way) and give me no chance of even fighting. Bradley cooked very healthy foods, did OK shopping, washed clothes at the laundry, was happy doing that, and so on. I told Trevor: I don't attack anyone criminally, I don't have disloyal acts, I don't mix work with personal, so that I should remain with my job and he should lose his. I was objective. It had to be possible... (Macho Men Syndrome?)

I was incredibly happy being the boss of the house my entire life and was used to manage things a little even when I depended on my mother or my grandmother, since both of them had no husband and were from generations of naturally dependent women. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Generalized Disrespect

Interpreting brings a recording that happened during the Miss Universe 2016 show. What I noticed here is the following: The guy mentions that France will be using an interpreter and completely ignores Colombia. Colombia is spelled Columbia in the post at YouTube. Just like in Translator, I noticed a generalized disrespect with women's careers. I think I am sure, even though I may be wrong, that the French/English interpreter was using ear transmitters but the English/Spanish one wasn't. Yes, the female interpreter was anxious and perhaps came across as rude, but it would be pretty hard for her to repeat what was going on without being able to make notes unless she had an ear transmitter and received all that was said through a recorded message in her ear soon after they stopped speaking, which I think I am sure is what the French/English interpreter has done: We have technology, everything improves with it, and we then need to ALSO improve interpreting. 

This is a major show for women, and I reckon that women are the main audience, since who has bothered about beauty per se, aesthetics, was probably always women either most of the time or all the time. I keep on thinking that certain things are guaranteed to have been created/started by only one of our genders: ethics, Catholic marriage, law, democracy, human rights, and intellectual property, for instance, things that I personally A-D-O-R-E, have all been created by men. I think this is indisputable. Things like table manners, vanity, hairdressing, prostitution, social etiquette, cutlery, and beauty contests would have to have been created by women, though. Besides, Translation and Interpreting seem to be two areas of human activity/business that either have been created by women or have been adopted by them, like I do think that the vast majority of those working in T & I throughout history were women. In this case, this is a huge offence to women, the entire thing. 

First of all, the presenter is disrespectful, since he says that Miss France will be using an interpreter, and only Miss France, but Miss Colombia ALSO uses an interpreter. That was disrespect with Miss Colombia and the spectators, who should be mostly women. I think that who dreams of being Miss World or Miss Universe is women and, like myself, they would be the ones interested in learning how they can get those prizes. Men have way too many places to go for beautiful women, and, if they were interested in intelligence, they would probably go for Science, not these contests, I reckon. Perhaps they would prefer watching a pole dance competition or something like that. Women are the ones who would like to be rewarded for their personal qualities, to be appreciated in a universal way, if possible, like I think that inside of every woman lies a bit of a prostitute in the sense that they all would like to have every male that they feel attracted to on earth paying exclusive attention to them all the time, and probably only them. I really wished there were competitions such as Mister Universe and Mister World or Most Eligible Bachelor and Best Husband/Male Partner. Perhaps Best Father, Best Fellow at Work, Most Virtuous Man, etc. The men, so far, go for brute force: I would not be enduring more than fourteen years in almost full slavery in First World Democracy, actually not even one second, if the men were ever interested, as for vast majority, or at least those on top, in personal development, being appreciated for their virtues, etc. They prefer rape, stalking, harassment, brainwashing, theft, and every sort of violence over conquering the feminine audience for being virtuous, very unfortunately. More equality there, infinitely more brainwashing to their side than to women's side in those regards, and we would definitely have a better world. Anyway, it is at least triple offence to women: the professional interpreter, the candidate to miss, and the audience. 

To make it all worse, if someone wants to measure eloquence, depth of thinking, and personal philosophy, they would have to give them half an hour to prepare a speech, not thirty seconds. They would definitely do that if they were men. If they do not want to measure any of those, what is the point of even having this section? What we are measuring here at the moment is their ability to get around immediate difficulties: It is skills, yes, but different from those they claim to be measuring, so that this is generalized disrespect with our intelligence, quite sincerely. To make it all worse, if they are representing the beauty of a race or a people or a Country, and I personally believe it should be of a race or a type of ethnicity, they should be allowed to have a team, since every politician has one. They should never say things that may have a world impact on the heat of the moment. I am sure, for instance, that the Australian candidate sounded stupid and marginal, like she must do drugs herself. I am sure that a competition that measures beauty has to involve maximum corporeal health, and therefore no drugs. I am Australian and I think that I do not want my Country to equate drugs to medicine. I think I am sure that drugs are not good for our health and regardless of what they may be spreading in terms of what is medical about them, I think they should be obliged to mention, at the same time, what is harmful, so say the side effects those medicines that they are willing to make out of the illegal drugs have. Those would have to be the same effects we observe in those who do drugs when we don't do them: In the case of marijuana, and recent Australian research says so, so that this is absolute disrespect with Australia and our Science, what this candidate to Miss Universe has said, it produces mental deficiency, such as learning difficulties. I am sure that it produces impotence in men and I am also sure it produces high propensity for using other drugs. I am also sure it is associated with criminal and promiscuous behavior, on top of increase on the levels of absence of social utility and social harm. 

A bit more effort into making the competition become what it should be and I would feel less offended. 

I also think we should discuss this sort of event a bit more. I think these competitions, which give crowns to people, things that equate them to queens, should deserve heavy debate. One of the things is that he says that they drew the order during the break. A serious competition for men would show us how honest this drawing process was. It is not acceptable. Also the values that we would like to see in a woman are not being considered, such as loyalty and kindness with all beings, respect for human rights and contribution to the cause, amongst others. I would think that the worst problem we see in women these days is that they act with maximum disloyalty with the own women, especially in sexual and professional terms. My perfect career in Science, my perfect life, age, and even organism has gone through a process that now lasts for more than fourteen years, and an absolutely illegal and criminal process, also unconstitutional and unethical, but there is nothing in this process that has not been rooted in a coward woman from either first or last world. I am a woman too and I assure you that there was no better representative for the women than me in that 2001. They do what they do because, first of all, we are not discussing what really matters and we are not making that be validated in a manner that matters: Reward ethics, loyalty in competition, also sexual and professional, and reward it in a meaningful way, and we will be helping the world improve through such events. Every small detail matters, every single one of them. It is very hard for me to locate even one woman in my mind that I have met and I would not classify as a prostitute, I was thinking the other day. I can easily locate several men that I would not classify as such, however, like at least before this all started. They lack character and that goes with human history, with who invented what, as I previously mentioned. Pay attention to what women actually like, what they actually have invented, as for vast majority, and to what the men have invented and like. Observe that if I ever match women, I match men and their creations and choices with much more strength, so that women who make a difference in all that matters in this world and for human kind, as I think I did before attacked, since I was a scientific icon and would have more than 800 papers and 200 books of my own authorship by 2010 already if never attacked, and that is by the age of 30 years old, but, until recently, Poincare was a record holder and had 800 papers when he died, well after this age, must be women who actually love men, not lesbians or women who are indifferent to the existence of men. Let's try to change human kind's mind and find a way to get to A Single World Vision in what regards moral directions: What really matters is the consequences of our actions in this world. It is wrong doing drugs because you will, sooner or later, injure somebody somehow if you do them, and you will always intentionally destroying yourself one way or another. It is wrong being promiscuous because that will make you also be a liar and a deceiver, and at least one of them has been classified as a crime. So on. What really matters is this, not much more. It is important rewarding beauty, but perhaps it is more important rewarding transformations: Marilyn Monroe is a figure that never leaves my mind. I did watch her life in some recordings and scripts and I do think that woman had extraordinary value, just like Madonna did before that 2001. Women who can mold themselves to become somebody attractive when they were born in disadvantage must be special women. I was born fat and I had problems with my teeth, feet, and legs when little. My mother invested an extremely serious amount of resources and love to get me to have perfect legs and slim figure by the age of 9 years old already. I was able to keep myself like that until that end of 2001. That is factual transformation and the result of the work of several people, not only me. What deserves rewards is the work of all those people, especially of those who did all for free: mother, father, grandmother, etc. In the end, ALL that matters is work, I reckon.What comes for free should be a target of prizes too, but those would be prizes for God, human genes, etc. Furthermore, in the World of The Empire, people are not allowed to procreate if their kids are going to be ugly or defective in any sense, so that the prize is irrelevant or trivial, like everyone in such a society is a reason to give the same prize. 

I am sure that space on TV is scarce, media resources are scarce, and nobody wants to waste their time or our resources: We should aim at maximum social utility and we should never conform with stupid waste. This is a unique opportunity of inculcating values in the heads of women. In this world and time, in Brazil and Australia, plenty of kids are raised by single mothers. In The Empire, they would be invariably raised by father, and mother, and would live in a home full of love whilst they are growing up. The problem with the single mother can become a solution if we can change the mentality of those in time, so that this is an extraordinary opportunity. Of course, we then would have to find a way of forcing people to make women watch these shows after changing them into something socially useful, but we can always do that through the educational system if everyone is included, and The Empire would make sure that everyone is included up to at least the end of the secondary school. 

It is missing observing their skills and listing skills that should be assets for society and therefore skills that should be measured in this competition. It is missing observing their personal health in detail: teeth, hair, hygiene, etc. It is missing observing their intimacy: ways that they deal with their relatives, partners, their own bedroom, house, apartment, car, pet, etc. It is missing collecting impressions of those who know or work with them. It is missing learning about their respect for people's efforts: their school attendance, their homework affairs, their work attendance, their meaning at work, etc. It is missing learning about their gratitude: how they speak about their parents, their partners, ex-partners, etc. It is missing learning about how much they are willing to learn and teach. It is missing learning about how much they want to improve this world and human kind and how much they have already done toward that direction (compositions, poetry, dance, leadership, etc.). It is missing learning the why they dedicate themselves to beauty: If they do it to please God, for instance, to show gratitude for the human body and parents they received, or to be nice to others, that counts as nobleness, but if they do it to receive more attention than their sister, that counts as meanness. It is missing measuring sensitivity to fellow-human-being's issues and attempts to increase it, so say reading Freud's writings. It is missing quite a lot for us to sign under this prize, I reckon. Human kind seems to not care about ALL THAT MATTERS and to still waste every priceless opportunity of making things improve in a meaningful manner for all of us here. 

Some have called these women ambassadors with reason: They can contaminate others with germs that matter, so say the germ of respect for human effort of any sort. Human effort even to have a stable relationship with somebody or a beautiful kid should be considered here. Beauty is obviously a plus that should make people, especially men and lesbians in their case, pay more attention to them, give them more time to speak, so that beauty is an asset that would make a professor be better heard, for instance, as I told Trevor in that end of 2001. Healthy articulation of words is another. We must all work in alignment with Teaching for Freedom, which is part of The Empire in what comes to educational philosophy. Because actors naturally dedicate themselves to the art of articulation, aesthetics, and influence, I suggested to Trevor that professors that lacked those skills simply planned their classes and let professional actors teach those. I sincerely do not see any reason for us to have ugly scientists or ugly teachers/professors, rather the contrary. I also think I am sure that the high levels of harassment inside of Academia are due to the fact that most of them are ugly. The institutional support to my harassers by the entire human kind is so huge that I am kept under almost full slavery in First World Democracy, where they sign for human rights, since the end of 2001, which is when I denounced harassment with material proof and witnesses. If they were less unattractive people, they obviously would have personal and social lives that would prevent them from even becoming sexually interested in their students, as it was always my case before this all started. I do think that personal hygiene, care with personal looks, and things like that should count not only for the Miss Universe competition, but for professions in which one of the requirements for success should be that people pay attention to us. I actually had a member of the American congress coming close to me by their lifts in Washington, when I was trying to get some of them to help me, and saying that they had attacked me to destroy my ass, believe it or not. Yes, I had a beautiful ass, and my sex appeal levels should ALSO be part of My Show, basically, this as much in acting as in teaching and research (we do present talks). An old woman from Brazil who attacked me said that she was doing that because I was still beautiful, believe it or not. She used to work for the Brazilian government and her daughter was my fellow when I worked for them, Marcia Britto. Her daughter is another violator. A fat woman in Adelaide said they were attacking me because I had to much energy, believe it or not. Again, energy levels, highest, should favor me in teaching and research, which is what I did, not the opposite. On the other hand, at least the American politician should have those assets but did not have them. In a world with so much competition, why would we have ugly, old, and criminal there instead of beautiful, full of energy, and respectful? We live in a very irrational world so far, that is all I would like to say. I just remembered: In the very start of my martyrdom (end of 2001), somebody put a camera on the ground floor, this at VUT, and I thought they meant that I was into acting and should, as a consequence, be in front of a camera instead. I actually found good support for this sort of activity (acting) in Australia at a certain stage (during my martyrdom). I then started asking their help with the crimes that I suffered and they kinda froze me, unfortunately. Once more, it is precisely the opposite: If I am good enough to be in front of a camera, I am good enough to attract the attention of my students and other academics, so that I have is an advantage, not a disadvantage. I do understand that all this ugly people who are in Science/Academia right now would like to keep it with them, but, quite sincerely, we should think about what is best for human  kind. I also have a spiritual argument: God should bless His people according to their spiritual merit, so that the amount of beauty or sex appeal they receive is also a representation of how much they please God. With this, those who are the most beautiful, the most attractive, this also in sexual terms, should be the most enlightened, not the opposite. I am sorry to disappoint them, but beauty is fundamental ALSO for Academia. Please find another profession, such as librarian, to put together with this line of propaganda, basically: Like being ugly and unattractive? Why don't you hide behind the books of a library? They get out, as I said in that end of 2001, not me or those who have both talent and beauty or sex appeal, quite sincerely. To make it all worse, give me a really repulsive one and I will bet I can find their basic mistakes in Science. God is fair with His people in normal human conditions of existence (not inside of maximum disloyalty, I think, for we have my case, but in a fair game, which is what they call, at least in Australia, Fair Go). 

I am really sorry to disappoint, but who would prefer being taught by Stephen Hawkins if they can have Tom Cruise, basically? God, they do that in the movies: Let's have doubles in teaching and scientific talks. In this way, we not only stop harassment before it starts, but we make someone from outside of Academia go through the same difficulties the student is going through when trying to learn, so that we actually would have best results. If I am both an actress and an academic, as it was certainly my case in that end of 2001, bad luck for them: I suppose I deserve more my space than they do, definitely not the opposite. As another point, the prostitutes, who several researchers keep in Academia in a quite criminal and unethical way because they accept having sex with them, so that plenty could never actually be there, would finally have a noble function: They would be presenting the research and classes of those that hired them for the purposes of having affairs. People like me would finally be less upset with the individual. If they find those prostitutes attractive, the students probably will, and, if nothing else, that is a social favor because the numbers of homosexuality in Australia are realistically not easy to deal with. 

As another point, if they like being old, flaccid, and slow, I am pretty sure that students and society don't feel in the same way, and therefore who should not be supported is, once more, them. By the way, in that 2001, I was willing to invest in research for rejuvenation and stop in aging, so that they would also have benefited from my research in unbelievable levels if they simply let me exist. I was also into sports and therefore in shape, what is part of being attractive and investing in beauty, I suppose. Once more, I am sure that should qualify me more for Academia, not less. The amount of points we give to these items when compared to public praise or our research findings or teaching, resume, and others is something, once more, that deserves a lot more debate. Once more, human kind does not seem to pay attention to all that matters and frequently seems to waste priceless opportunities to improve this world and our experience, as a race, in it. 

To make my point, I have yet another easy example: men talks about the labor men (mostly or all the time) put into preparing it all for the competition. We don't see a video on the entire life of the woman who is there, the way she prepared herself to look that good, to speak those languages, to impress and influence people, to become attractive to society in general, etc. The disrespect for the role of women in society is total: All that matters is mother, if anything. Yet, we have kids in excess, mothers are almost all irresponsible, criminal, and harmful instead of what they should be, and the kids raised by them are those who attacked me all these years being police, government, professors, etc. Mary, mother of Jesus, is a saint not a prostitute, an assassin, and a usurper. All starts there, in the damn story of Jesus, as I keep on saying. She is not the worst of them all, she is the best one instead. From where I see it, she is the one with least amount of virtues in the damn story, so that Saint Joseph should deserve way more praise than her. I am here thinking of family roles, OK, not anything else. In general, however, she does seem to be less than Joseph, not more, and Joseph seems to be a much better role model than Jesus, not worse, so that everything is inverted in human kind, everything. My mother put me in Catholic, private and expensive, best, school since early in life. Because of her therefore I was put to do singing, dancing, acting, and several other things that make people become more attractive, more interesting, and all else. The work a person has to put into becoming really attractive, to the point of being chosen amongst several, supposing all is honest, is definitely huge, perhaps of an entire life dedicated to that, as in my case up to that end of 2001, and let's not forget, once more, the work of my so dutiful mother, father, and grandmother in all this. The work of several people, several, plus theirs, work of a lifetime. These guys put a stage together, a show that is going to last for one day or whatever, but the women put a beauty that may even last forever on them. These men got this little video, and, by the way, they are ugly and unattractive, but none of the contestants got one of their own. That is what I call sexism, chauvinism, and crime against my gender. This is total disrespect. The show is about these women, not about these men. Yet, who got the video showing the behind-cameras effort/labor, basically, was these men, not the women. You know why they mentioned plastic surgery only? Because that was probably done by men. I also notice that the value that appears is that of the men involved, not of the women. Either the criteria that made them accept these contestants are equivocated or it is missing showing what things really are: dance, gym, the mother's influence, the concerns of the family, the upbringing, the concerns of the teachers, what they read, etc. It seems that these contestants cannot speak, and therefore the contestants are really badly chosen. Maybe we don't have enough diversity in the selective panels, so say there are only men, not gay men, men, gay women, women, old people, young, intellectuals, idiots, etc., like something that represents the world society. All matters, absolutely every detail. Plastic surgery and diet, which is where the emphasis went, is certainly not enough to describe the labor involved in the existence of a woman who I would think could deserve this title, of Miss Universe. All is wrong, all.  

I am seeing only a bunch of men in this video and the girls are touched by them. In my point of view, that is abusive. To make it all worse, it all sounds like this is a cheap selection for acting in a porn movie or something. Once more, it is missing respect for women. Miss Venezuela does not smoke in public? Why would she smoke at all, once more? Where are the criteria? It all looks like it is about looks, but the name is Miss Universe and they do make them answer at least one question that should have a world impact. What is this for real? Is this like being a double or a model? What is the sense? I think it is missing putting sense in a lot of stuff in human kind. I am sure that Priest, for instance, decided to harass me having Patricia Petersen because she is stupid and superficial. She also does not care about his research or his standing in Science, and therefore she has no respect for him whatsoever, as I described on at least one of my blog posts. What makes me more attractive than Patricia Petersen, who probably had every plastic surgery in the book, is not my body, obviously and trivially, but my spirit and my brain, the work I have put in developing all other sectors of my human figure, not only my aesthetics. This all looks like the same we have in porn movies, but we already have porn movies, and therefore this is simply wasting us all and our so scarce resources, world resources. Quite frankly, titles should attract responsibility. If it is about being Human Kind's Sweetheart, then this is all wrong. I deserved way more respect than Patricia, not less, and also way more rewards for my efforts, and that is because I deserved to be Miss Universe way more than  her, since my qualities are way more useful to human kind as a whole. I cannot see things any differently: Patricia for porn, me for Miss Universe, quite sincerely. We are allowing all these things to happen in this world, but it is all absolute disrespect with women and human kind in general. Once more, this is priceless opportunity to improve this world. No wonder they are all prostitutes and capable of working in Equity and Equal Opportunity, police, federal and civil, Academia, Australian, Brazilian, and American, and be responsible for all this. We are rewarding them for their looks in things that should mean world impact. We are rewarding them also for prostitution skills, since these guys are obviously using the competition to harass them, and to have sex with them, quite trivially. It cannot be: They owe something to society just for advertising things using this name. The name is not Miss Porn: It is World Sweetheart or something like that. Who is winning is definitely Patricia, not Marcia, but who human kind naturally elects, in natural conditions, without any crime, is me, not Patricia, this in an absolute manner. What the world wants is my model of Miss Universe, not this. Let's work on fixing things once more.

Unfortunately, all these criteria that appear here, as I would expect, are appearing also in acting, teaching, research, and all else. The problem is that I then suffer maximum violation of human rights for more than 14 years in First World Democracy after denouncing 'Dr.' Priest with plenty of witnesses and material proofs, so that I could never express myself in Science as a I deserved and earned the rights to, and I could not even express myself in life as I deserved and earned the rights to, but Patricia, Florica, Eva, and so many others were all expressing themselves in both areas with no problems. That is exactly the problem if you can understand what I mean. In the same way, my ex-boyfriend from Brazil, Rogerio de Oliveira, who is responsible, now I know, even for Bradley Paul Neal being in my intimacy instead of a decent man, who is a drug addict, a parasite of relatives and mine, a prostitute (promiscuous and unscrupulous), a vagabond (horrible student, horrible professional, horrible relative and partner), and a criminal is responsible for every injustice, every single crime, every single trace of disloyalty I endure since at most 1999 in Academia: People respect him and his crimes, not me and my work. All is materialized in these two videos showing how Miss Universe actually works. Whoever accepts having sex with them in Venezuela, basically, will get in, not whoever deserves it. It is unacceptable. An atrocity of no dimension, just like what I endure since that end of 2001. 

I prepared myself my entire life to be in Australia, in First World, to excel in Science, to be a star with all merit on earth, a Sweetheart, as I am sure I was: Someone who is irresistible to really important men and women, yet someone who can say no and will say no if they feel disrespected in any sense; someone who will die defending their beliefs, what is fair, what is expected, etc. I never missed a class in my life. I always did all that I could to get a 10 out of 10 since at most college time. I never cheated on any exam. I never did drugs and never would do them on a voluntary basis. I never wasted my time: It was all invested as wisely as I could invest it. I never wasted my resources in general. I always got the most of every drop of help, attention, contact, etc. I learned all the laws, all the rules. I learned what society expected from reading papers, watching movies, seeing shows, listening to people who matter, what they now call influencers, etc. I took time to learn, to listen, to make them company, to help them, etc. This man, responsible, together with my relatives, for all the disloyalty I have ever had in life and at work, as for him since the second year was over, cheated on all his exams since at most the third university year, never had any respect for knowledgeable people, never read books with the intentions of improving himself, of evolving in knowledge, never had minimum respect for human effort or gratitude, never bothered about any rule and never respected any. It can only be a joke. Human kind chose to support his crimes when nobody in Australia and Brazil can not even let any crime happen against me, regardless of how light, instead of my hard work, instead of my achievement, instead of the constitution and the international agreements. We talk about the own government, the own police, and the media in general. Whilst this marginal was taking drugs on a voluntary basis, being a parasite of his mother on a voluntary basis, I was doing double shift at my college: Working in the afternoon and studying in the morning. This was so that I could get a profession as soon as possible and would stop living at the expense of my relatives as soon as possible. I was thirteen years old when I was doing that. The entire world, all these years, has decided for violating their every promise to me, promises that sometimes they brainwashed me with my entire life, 24/7. to support his disloyalty with me instead of my effort to be a star, a genuine World Sweetheart. Can only be a joke. Now you tell me if it all does not start with Miss Universe and the damn Jesus... . 

By the way, I also have always invested in my spirit, so that I would be is full of contents, very different from my rivals, all of us candidates to Miss Sweetheart Australia/Universe: Patricia, Florica, and Eva. I pray since I am at most nine years old, having learned from the nuns. Rogerio, who destroyed me, let's say candidate number four, let's say operated transgenders' group, never dedicated not even one second of his life to the spirit, and, as far as I know, never prayed. The values that the world wanted were religious, as for every show I watched, every movie, and I had those. Yet, despite all determinations of the entire human kind, I have been deprived from my absolutely gorgeous and perfect human body, from my absolutely perfect age and time, my absolutely perfect moment of finally collecting the rewards for my extraordinary effort to transform myself in the creature of all perfection that I was in that end of 2001, and all the glories of intimate contact, and even professional contact, with those I could be interested in for now more than 14 years in a row. All is massively illegal and unconstitutional, but practiced by the own authorities for law and order from beginning to end, and the only authorities we have. What is the explanation for this? You condemn Jesus and you save the criminal all over again, 24/7, more than 14 years. Yet, you are hypocritical enough to cry for Jesus, to call that atrocity, and make me believe you do feel things like that my entire life before I am attacked in such a vile way by a last world nation and people whilst I have always belonged to First World in spirit and finally started belonging to it in body since that 2000. It is all joke, all a big joke. Not really happening. By the way, as I lodge my formal complaint in terms of result, I would like to state: This competition was only for women. Rogerio is technically a man. I want you to nullify these results entirely and therefore put me back to the end of 2001 knowing what I know now, since the only people on earth who would ever defend my rights to privacy, property, and freedom are my father (dead in 2001), my grandmother (dead in 2001), my mother (same as dead in 2001 for these purposes), and myself, and only with information can I save myself from all of you, and I still want you to put me there with either Hamish version number 2 or Tom Cruise version number 0 (my imagined Tom Cruise, as for back then), so that I have a true partner, a support basis, a family.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Jesus' Talk brings two women conversing about Jesus. One of them claims to be chaneling him, basically. I would think I would know the difference, but I am unable to tell if the woman inside of the computer was receiving communications from beyond or not. From here, it seems to me that she wasn't, quite sincerely. 

One point that I notice, which we learn even in security courses in Australia, is that her mouth was pressing like Verônica Pinheiro's mouth after she stole my documents in Rio and I went there to confront her together with Rogério because she claimed it had been him. Patricia Petersen's mouth pressed just in the same way when I met her in front of her college in 2001/2, the day I described on another blog post. I then think this should be the way prostitutes show that they are lying (my definition of prostitute: Once more, see my other blog posts). 

At a certain stage, she clearly does not know what to do and she then talks about Jesus' heat or something and how he should not come any closer to her. She then takes a long time to answer the question, what may mean that she was deciding what to say, rather than chaneling something. The question was about whether Jesus was here to learn something or not. The hesitation also appears when the question is about his skin color, and this was earlier on in the recording.

These are signs that everyone can see. 

There are also other signs of deceit: For instance, I will bet this woman is a Buddhist. This is because the theory she presents seems to align with Buddhism. In this case, there is at least more chance of it all not being genuine.

Several issues appear in terms of the liturgy. One of them is that the woman talks about Jesus calling God God, but he usually called God Father instead. That could be a basic point to tell us that this is not genuine. Another issue is Jesus calling us children. He referred to God as a father and to him as a son, so that we would not be his children: We would at most be his siblings if he were ever speaking to us like that, I reckon. 

Other issues appear that are more critical, such as that Jesus would have had seven kids and two would have died. Died? Could he not raise them from the dead, his own kids? 

Jesus had a true love and that was Magdalene, according to her, but one true love means more than one love. At that time, men seemed to have only one love in general, so that this is incompatible with the culture at that time, on top of all else. 

She says that Jesus is amongst us and is called Mona and is living in India. I would think that anyone from India who seems to be holy would be in the press almost immediately. She says herself that his presence makes her feel heat all over her, so that his presence in India would have the same impact on people, is it not? If they cannot get close to him, how can he actually live somewhere as a normal person, who would say be married at a certain stage of his past or present lives? 

On the other hand, some things make a lot of sense: that Jesus was conceived through normal sex, that he receives us after death, etc.

There is also one more point: She says that Jesus liked that the interviewer did not come to them because of money, belief or curiosity. He liked that she did not come to them because of belief? That sounds really odd!

The Bible is OK but should not be used in the literal sense was another message from Jesus, she says: The Bible should not be OK, since it was all manipulated and edited in a very criminal way by the time of Inquisition, if nothing else. Once she says that Jesus said that The Bible is OK, however, she is committed to accepting the truths in it, including that Jesus acquired his human identity from being in the belly of his mother, who had conceived him in a holy way, and that did not involve sexual intercourse. 

Right or wrong don't exist? Jesus! Yes, Jesus... . That is not possible because, for instance, once more it conflicts with the liturgy. Do you remember when Christ thrashed the temple because they were selling stuff? Do you remember him stopping the public stoning of Mary? That obviously meant that he thought that there was right and wrong, both of them. Besides, she herself admits that Mary Magdalene was with Jesus, and therefore that at least that biblical story was true. In this case, he did stop the stoning and therefore he classified that as wrong, what then proves that he did believe that there was right and wrong, both of them. 

All in all, we have here a very brave woman, a true atheist, I reckon. Considering that the Catholic people think that Jesus is God, she could lose her life, according to The Bible, just because she has referred to God in a very disrespectful way together with her interviewer. A lot daring, a lot brave, and probably a full-on atheist. 

At a certain stage, I hear a guy in the background saying this is not going to work, I believe, and therefore he was basically saying that they are all crooks, but the lines that advertise the video say that Jesus spoke in it instead, like that we could hear his voice. As another point, Jesus would be alive in India, but would need her to pass his message? Isn't that a bit crazy? He is Jesus, first of all. Why her would be a good question too, but, if he is alive, why a medium, for God's sake? Then, if he is a woman in India, why does he show up as a man to her? When he shows up, he does not look in the way he looked by the biblical time either, so what is going on here? He still has a beard, according to her, but he is an Indian woman called Mona right now. Why would it be the case that the interviewer would not ask this most obvious question: Why do you need her to channel what you think? Don't you have enough power to speak to us directly? What about the Holy Trinity? Things like that. I think they are all crooks, all of them, and we have no chance of having anything else. Were the interviewer genuine, she would ask these obvious questions: If you are an Indian woman right now, why do you present yourself like this to us? Why you don't use her body to communicate with us as you did before, in year O? She does not ask these questions, and therefore they are all crooks, so that ALSO the interviewer is a crook, not only them. 

I would think that we should never play with forces we don't know well, and we should never mess up with other people's religions: If we say something, that it at least looks slightly convincing, is it not? This is, I reckon, to the side of the total heresy. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Idiocy and Pets

Once more, we are supposed to be seeing the problem of the pet, not of the owner, but, very unfortunately, we end up testifying on the problem of the person who produced the video, titled it, and therefore of the owner. See: Cocka

What David cannot see is that his cockatoo is doing the only thing it can do to yell: I want nature! The poor bird is distressed to an extreme, but David insists that it is happy there. It is on its own and it obviously misses trees and its normal habitat. We can tell that from the way it beaks the surfaces. 

And you would think David is on its own when it comes to being completely unaware of the most obvious wishes of his pet, but what is not missing is idiocy when it comes to that. See: CockaII

This bird is so intelligent that it even grabs the keys because it must remember that its owner always gets them when they go to see nature, obviously and trivially. It beaks the floor desperately, and it shows to the owner, in every possible way, that it is distressed and it misses its normal habitat. I believe it even said, I want to go to the toilet, in the beginning of the video, actually. It stares at the owner in a very inquisitive way and it holds what clearly resembles car keys when it does that, clearly indicating that it would like to be out, obviously in nature. I always thought that if people worked on the relationships men hold with pets, they would solve their problems with relationships with women in general. This guy keeps on telling the bird that it is not listening to him, but he completely ignores what the bird is so clearly telling him in every possible way: I want to go to nature, I don't want to be here. 

Dirty beak and poopy butt are two expressions that he uses to offend the poor bird, which has done nothing but being nice to him. If its butt is poopy, it is OBVIOUSLY his fault, for God's sake, and I still believe I clearly heard it saying I want to go to the toilet, so that it is so intelligent that it actually learned that the guy has a problem with its basic needs. I would like to add that birds naturally fear cats for obvious reasons (they chase and kill them), and our friend here leaves the poor pet apparently on a daily basis with the cat as company. The poor bird is once more clearly looking for a place to hide from the cat before it is too late, that is, before he is gone out of there. Jesus! Hard to understand is the poor bird. 

So, we are here to observe how nasty the bird is: This is so typical of men! That is all they do to women every day of their lives, basically. See how nasty SHE is and they are there, just like this man with the bird: They do not pay attention to the most obvious things and claim that stupid is us. 

And, finally, there is nothing wrong with this: Abused Dog Rather the contrary: The person who wrote the article, Kamilia Palu, the person who took the pet from the care of Barrat, and the person who issued the warrant for Barrat's arrest seem to be doing an excellent job. This is one of the only things that can save us all from suffering atrocities such as those I endure since the end of 2001. Now, one must remember that I am like this because those who did wrong, who were Florica Cirstea, Patricia Petersen, Bradley Paul Neal, Judith Cook, Eva Stenzdur, George Hannah, Raj, Neil Barnett, Cameron Plant, and a few others, such as Verônica Pinheiro, Léa Ricci Pinheiro, Rogério de Oliveira, and Renato Gaui Filho managed to steal from me my dream life, career, destiny, and opportunity, all that others had done to give me justice, and change that all into something in their favor somehow. They also managed to use all my resources illegally and criminally for now more than fourteen years in order to destroy my world, my time on earth, everything and everyone I could possibly care about, especially me, who was actually the only person I really cared about in that end of 2001, and use them in their favor, therefore in favor of all those I fundamentally despise and never wanted not even alive. It is all really impressive! To stop this sort of action, of reversion of gifts and usurpation of rights and resources, still use of those in favor of all that opposes the creature's happiness, we need more than what we see here. We need them to go through, for instance, training time, so say they would be obliged, via court orders, to cater for pets under the supervision of people who really care about their well being, so say psychologists and alike professionals. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Idiots' Reasoning

Since at most 2002 I am tormented with names and sentences and misinformation and atrocity that comes from nowhere I can clearly identify by the moment I am suffering that. We would think that nobody in democracy, First World, capitalism, where they sign for human rights, would have doubts in what regards the essentials: No law can be disobeyed at absolutely any expense. People have a fair go in the court to prove their point, that perhaps they could have committed the crimes they have committed, but the law must still be applied in all cases up to that point, of the court session. 

There is obviously no possible argument that would justify breaching the law therefore, especially the law that protects our most fundamental rights: property, freedom, and privacy.

Some people have used part of my talk, let's say, with Trevor, even though I would call that more information giveaway or something like that, to attack me throughout these years (since the end of 2001). The most curious part of all is that those who attack my most fundamental rights since back then could never ever have had access not even to one word I told Trevor legally or inside of loyalty, since they were my most feared enemies, and I asked, with all words, that they kept maximum confidentiality in what regards what I said there, especially in terms of those. Brazilians were supposed to absolutely never have access to any second of my talks with Trevor: They were the most feared people on earth for me, the ones I could never trust for anything. It is precisely those that go commanding my slow, and so painful, criminal martyrdom all these years, as incredible as it may seem.

Back in 2002, there was a mention to KIM, who should be Cameron's girlfriend, as if implying that I was getting what I was getting for desiring Cameron. I unfortunately never even desired him. I at most felt like kissing  him, being kissed or letting him do whatever he wanted or seemed to want. I actually told Trevor I thought that he was pretty disgusting at that stage, since he seemed to sexually provoke me, make even Bradley believe that that is what he was doing, and not go ahead, this even with Bradley telling him to go ahead and me agreeing. 

Even if the laws did not exist and we accepted that people can violate human rights in certain conditions in Australia or Brazil, and, in special, that they can do that when they are authorities for law and order, or they can let it happen, and I would then probably have to add for an unlimited amount of time, since this is already more than fourteen years, we would expect the reasons for such a violation to be quite plausible. 

Is the fact that I correspond to the interest of a man in me, a man who wears no ring, and says that he lives with his parents or in a house exclusively with flatmates, like no partner, enough reason?

I would not think so, especially if one has my history on earth, of having each and every man of her life used by another person with them in haste and horror, and incapable of doing a thing about it. The amount of disrespect of women for my personal space is infinite, this since I am very young.

I obviously have plenty of credit with Australian and Brazilian women, Australian and Brazilian gay men, since they have disrespected my relationships to an extreme, and, upon complaint, ALSO my privacy, freedom, and property rights, this now for more than fourteen years. 

If a person steals your own life, your own rights to enjoying yourself or any part of your body by yourself, I would think that you can even kill them, and you would be forgiven in any fair court of Brazil and Australia if you could prove that that is what has happened, given the regimens in place. If I can even take their lives, I can certainly sexually use their men. What I see happening, however, is that I am actually sexually violated too, this all the way through. I seem to be more to the passive than to the active side of things almost all the time, I reckon. Well, basically, by now, they say my interest in Hamish has doomed me in Adelaide. I don't think so. Having even tested the theory against the facts, I deeply believe one thing has nothing to do with another. There is no worse disrespect than violation of human rights, and that is what I endure for more than fourteen years in a row in Australia. In this case, I am entitled to disrespect whatever and whomever, and I believe this is just common sense, which would definitely be part of the contents of any court decision involving the matters at stake if all were adequately exposed. 

A psychopath who is not totally insane would like to be logically correct, so that they would use anything, I reckon. Being left only with the marginal all these years, as if there is no police, law or anything else, I try to debate, argue, and others, but we all know it is all hopeless. If we could finish with crime by simply exposing logical arguments, the laws would suffice or teaching/explaining those, right? 

It is a real shame. 

I think I am sure however that if it were not Hamish or Cameron, then it would be the color of my hair, the position of my clothes, and alike things, basically. Chances had I!

Ask any victim of atrocity why they suffer crime, and I believe that the answer is always going to be the same: I cannot defend myself from what they do, that is why. They knew that I would be able to do nothing. They chose me because I was the easiest possible target. 

Crime would not be called crime if it were something logical or passive of being logically supported instead of the opposite. 

A victim of crime cannot be blamed EVER for the crimes they endure. Crime is crime, and it could never be practiced. 

Before, in 2002, it was also my book on Christianity that caused what I endure. What is the doubt? Anything, everything, for as long as it looks as if crime can be practiced. Notwithstanding, when can crime be practiced? The answer is common sense: NEVER. 

If I am a person who never fails at work, who never lets anyone down, etc., which was definitely my case in that end of 2001, then the minimum we expect from society is respect for our bodies, turns, and basic rights, is it not?

If society there fails, then we would expect God or other human beings, better ones, to restore our rights, guarantee us justice, and punish those who are responsible as soon as possible, is it not?

I would think that not even one second of what I go through could possibly be acceptable, who would say more than fourteen years?