Saturday, 7 May 2016

Idiocy and Pets

Once more, we are supposed to be seeing the problem of the pet, not of the owner, but, very unfortunately, we end up testifying on the problem of the person who produced the video, titled it, and therefore of the owner. See: Cocka

What David cannot see is that his cockatoo is doing the only thing it can do to yell: I want nature! The poor bird is distressed to an extreme, but David insists that it is happy there. It is on its own and it obviously misses trees and its normal habitat. We can tell that from the way it beaks the surfaces. 

And you would think David is on its own when it comes to being completely unaware of the most obvious wishes of his pet, but what is not missing is idiocy when it comes to that. See: CockaII

This bird is so intelligent that it even grabs the keys because it must remember that its owner always gets them when they go to see nature, obviously and trivially. It beaks the floor desperately, and it shows to the owner, in every possible way, that it is distressed and it misses its normal habitat. I believe it even said, I want to go to the toilet, in the beginning of the video, actually. It stares at the owner in a very inquisitive way and it holds what clearly resembles car keys when it does that, clearly indicating that it would like to be out, obviously in nature. I always thought that if people worked on the relationships men hold with pets, they would solve their problems with relationships with women in general. This guy keeps on telling the bird that it is not listening to him, but he completely ignores what the bird is so clearly telling him in every possible way: I want to go to nature, I don't want to be here. 

Dirty beak and poopy butt are two expressions that he uses to offend the poor bird, which has done nothing but being nice to him. If its butt is poopy, it is OBVIOUSLY his fault, for God's sake, and I still believe I clearly heard it saying I want to go to the toilet, so that it is so intelligent that it actually learned that the guy has a problem with its basic needs. I would like to add that birds naturally fear cats for obvious reasons (they chase and kill them), and our friend here leaves the poor pet apparently on a daily basis with the cat as company. The poor bird is once more clearly looking for a place to hide from the cat before it is too late, that is, before he is gone out of there. Jesus! Hard to understand is the poor bird. 

So, we are here to observe how nasty the bird is: This is so typical of men! That is all they do to women every day of their lives, basically. See how nasty SHE is and they are there, just like this man with the bird: They do not pay attention to the most obvious things and claim that stupid is us. 

And, finally, there is nothing wrong with this: Abused Dog Rather the contrary: The person who wrote the article, Kamilia Palu, the person who took the pet from the care of Barrat, and the person who issued the warrant for Barrat's arrest seem to be doing an excellent job. This is one of the only things that can save us all from suffering atrocities such as those I endure since the end of 2001. Now, one must remember that I am like this because those who did wrong, who were Florica Cirstea, Patricia Petersen, Bradley Paul Neal, Judith Cook, Eva Stenzdur, George Hannah, Raj, Neil Barnett, Cameron Plant, and a few others, such as Verônica Pinheiro, Léa Ricci Pinheiro, Rogério de Oliveira, and Renato Gaui Filho managed to steal from me my dream life, career, destiny, and opportunity, all that others had done to give me justice, and change that all into something in their favor somehow. They also managed to use all my resources illegally and criminally for now more than fourteen years in order to destroy my world, my time on earth, everything and everyone I could possibly care about, especially me, who was actually the only person I really cared about in that end of 2001, and use them in their favor, therefore in favor of all those I fundamentally despise and never wanted not even alive. It is all really impressive! To stop this sort of action, of reversion of gifts and usurpation of rights and resources, still use of those in favor of all that opposes the creature's happiness, we need more than what we see here. We need them to go through, for instance, training time, so say they would be obliged, via court orders, to cater for pets under the supervision of people who really care about their well being, so say psychologists and alike professionals. 

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